Jenna Hyde

Coach Jenna

Coach Jenna 

2020-2021 Season Assistant Coach

Coach Jenna is an “Army Brat”, growing up primarily in this area when her dad retired from Camp Rudder as an Army Ranger instructor. She graduated from Niceville High School in 2004. After moving away for college and work, she decided it best to move back to the Niceville/Destin area to raise Audryana (aka Ana) and Jayden (aka JJ).  Yes, Coach Jac is her baby sister. In Coach Jenna’s words…”since I was born first, she saw me and was like “wow, I want to look like her…” and she’s been copying me & bugging me ever since 1992″. 

Her love for volleyball began in the mid-90’s as new middle schooler. One day, after middle school orientation, she told her dad “I want to play volleyball.” That’s all it took. Next thing you know, a volleyball net was set up in the back yard and she was learning how to roll and dive for a volleyball on a tennis court. Yes, a tennis court. Her dad told her that’s how she was going to learn how to control her body & how to keep her arms from flopping down. Needless to say – it worked! Her love for volleyball grew. She played club volleyball all through high school & continued on to play in college for two years at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Unfortunately, due to knee injuries, her college journey was cut short. However, that’s when she stepped in to the very rewarding world of coaching! 

Playing Awards:

Junior High/High School/College  

Note from Coach Jenna –

“If comparing the # of times you see my name (Jenna Mailoto) vs. Coach Jac’s name, it’s important to know that I only attended NHS 2 yrs (Jr & Sr), while Coach Jac attended all 4yrs. So when going off of percentages, you’ll notice that I “batted” 100% while Coach Jac “batted” 75%. So I win…but who’s counting?…okay fine, only 1 of us went on to become a Collegiate All-American & a Collegiate Athletic Hall of Famer, but that’s not the point of this bio…”

Club Ball:

Played for 1st Club team EVER in this area: Northwest Florida Volleyball Club founded by Coach Stan & Coach Cel Celebrado (Coach Lani, Coach Bryce & Coach Sammy’s mom & dad!). 

1999: First Team out of this area to win a bid for USAV Nationals! 


Coaching Background and Awards: 

2007-2010: Head Coach for 17s & 18s Gulf Coast Select Volleyball Club

  • Proud Coach Moment: First (& still only) team from this region to win Beast of the Southeast!
      • Coach Jac & Coach Karson were Captains of this team! It was an AMAZING battle, court surrounded by college coaches. These girls ROCKED!! 
      • 2nd Proud Coach Moment: Placed 3rd Place at AAU Nationals! Another phenomenal battle! 
      • Random Coach’s tip: An EFFECTIVE way of teaching players how to PLACE the balls in the cart instead of throwing/tossing them in, is to put your cute pig-tailed 3-year-old (Ana) in the cart as your “ball hander.” Problem solved. 😊 

      2017: Head Coach for 850 Elite Grassroots Program

      2019/2020: Assistant Coach for 850 Elite Volleyball Academy for 13U-Lab

      2020/2021: Assistant Coach for 850 Elite Volleyball Academy