Who will be coaching which age groups? 
This will be determined  before the parent meeting in October, and the information will be released at the parent meeting.
When will we know if we made a team? 
The rosters for all teams will be sent out by email by noon the day after tryouts. Players must go to Upper Hand and pay their deposit within 24 hours of roster notification to accept their spot. We don’t have this deadline to pressure players, just to order jerseys in time for our first tournament.
The $200 non-refundable deposit must be paid to claim your spot on your team. After players have accepted their spot on the roster, they must go into USAV and renew or update their membership to the full Junior membership and choose 850 Elite as their affiliated club
Players who do not make a team will be notified separately by email.
Team Parent Meeting dates are scheduled the week after teams are made.
At the parent meeting, teams will decide tournament schedules and uniform sizes.
What is the typical tournament schedule?
Grey/White team(s) – will attend 6 regional tournaments selected from the Regional Tournament options, including Gulf Coast Regional Championships and 1 out of Region Tournament
Blue/Black team(s) – will attend 8 out of Region Tournaments from Tournament list (including Big South and AAU’s) plus 3 additional regional tournaments selected from the Regional Tournament options, including Gulf Coast Regional Championships. Each team’s tournament schedule will be posted onto the website as soon as the teams are set.
Will there be an opportunity for athletes to practice during the holiday break?
Yes, we will be running limited practices during the holidays according to coaches’ availability.  We will send out notifications by email and on our 850EliteVolleyball Facebook page.
Will there be opportunities to participate in fundraisers for the club?
We will provide the use of the facility for fundraisers that individual teams can organize, if desired. We will have fundraisers during the season to benefit the Girl Power for Good Foundation, the parent company for 850 Elite that manages the 850 Elite Scholarship Fund. Scholarship players are required to work these fundraisers. We encourage players to work these fundraisers as a way of promoting one of our core values of volunteerism . 
What are the club fees and when are they due?
Each team will have individual club fees based on their tournament schedule and roster. 
Payment Option #1
Write one check for the full amount of remaining club fees after $200 deposit. (Due December 1st) 
Payment Option #2
Write two checks for half amount of remaining club fees after $200 deposit. (Due by December 1st & January 1st)
Please make checks payable to 850 Elite Volleyball Academy and put checks in the payment box in the hallway outside the entrance to the Girl Power for Good Community Center.
Payment Option #3
Make 5 equal payments online www.850elitevolleyball.org (Due by December 1st, January 1st, February 1st, March 1st, and April 1st)
**There is a usage fee of 3% for online debit or credit card payment. Look for the Club Fees link on the website.
Is there a multiple player discount for families with more than one athlete?
Yes, for an additional athlete per family, a 10% discount will be honored. 
Will there be opportunities for athletes to receive a scholarship to play for Club Fees?
Yes! We have a Scholarship Fund for qualifying players who complete our Scholarship Application. All players must pay the $200 Deposit plus the equipment cost, and then qualifying players will receive a scholarship for a portion of their club fees. Scholarship players must obtain a minimum of 2 sponsors, and may bring as many sponsors as they wish. Sponsor donations will be applied to the player’s club fee account, less any expenses for T-shirt/gym banner design. The Scholarship Application is on the website under the SCHOLARSHIP tab, and the Sponsorship flyer is under the DONATE tab.
How can businesses get a write off for their donation? 
850 Elite is a branch of the Girl Power for Good Foundation, a 501(c)3 Non-profit, and all proceeds go towards the improvement of the facility and scholarship fund. Our Sponsorship program includes a Family T-shirt fundraiser for interested businesses to donate. Please pick up a Sponsorship Handout and support our cause. In our first 4 seasons, we have had 27 players go on to play college ball,  some of whom could not have played without the exposure our Fund provided. 
How will Team Chaperones be selected?
Head Coaches will ask for two volunteers to Chaperone at tournaments. The parents of the entire team will be support the Team Chaperones with their duties. Information will be sent out to chaperones before our first practice. Chaperones are required to have a USAV membership, and background screening, both fees will be reimbursed by 850 Elite.
Are players required to stay at a certain hotel at out-of-region tournaments?
850 Elite will only book rooms at the Stay and Play tournaments for the Blue teams. The link for parent rooms will be sent to the team, as well as the deadline for booking rooms. If the minimum number of rooms (typically 4 rooms per team) are not met, then the tournament will withdraw the team. It is important for parents to book rooms promptly after receiving the parent link. Parents can arrange their own room at non-Stay and Play tournaments.